In order to assure all of you enjoy the benefits of authentic ZPHC products, our company constantly push ourselves to limits, we focus on solutions that serve our customers to verify authenticity with a multi-layered technology that uses multiple random and unique signatures.

You can easily identify your purchased product by the code printed on the package under the scratch line:

Step 1
Observe the package carefully before you open it.
It should be intact and all seals must not be broken. It is observed by an irreversible holographic effect when opened for tamper evidence and anti-counterfeiting protection .

Step 2
Find the serial number under a scratch line. It should look like "N6DF-FE%M-RFS3-FDEE" in capital letters.
Enter them in the below verification form exactly as it is printed including dashes, please check carefully because they can look similar, solve the captcha box and press 'Check'.

Our support team stands ready to assist, visit zphc.com for details.